Sweat It Out

Can’t sleep because of the heat? Get up, that’s right climb out of those sweaty sheets. Consider the uncomfortable temperature as Mother Nature’s way of nudging you to write. Now grab your laptop or notepad and pens. Find the coolest spot possible in your house or if you’re able to sneak out, head to a 24 hour diner. Grab a cold drink, pop in ear plugs and plant your butt into a chair.

Write anything. This is the ideal space to stretch and creatively warm up by complaining about the temperature. Describe the discomfort in great detail, whine as much as possible on the page. Got the grumpiness out of your system? Great! Now, let’s get to work. Open the file and work on your story. As you get into the piece and the word count rises, the level of discomfort will decrease.

By the time you have completed several pages and downed a half gallon of liquids, one of two things will have occurred. Either the weather will have cooled a bit as it is now the wee hours of the morning or you will be so tired the bed is screaming your name.

Hot nights were made for writers and night owls. Make friends with Mother Nature and write your way through the blistering heat.


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