Different~ Embrace The Poetic Or Obscure

Have you ever had an idea for a novel written in verse or a character with a obscure medical condition? Did you think it to unconventional to try? Well, dust off those ideas, it may be time to rock the page!

Middle grade or young adult novels can be amazing in lyrical form. Case in point, Crossover by Kwame Alexander. This middle grade novel is about a twelve year old basketball player who deals with sibling rivalry and a crisis that nearly brings his family to its knees. Did I mention that it  is written in brilliant, flowing lyrical format? Okay, maybe you think that Kwame’s book is a fluke. Consider  Ellen Hopkin’s young adult novels. Her poetic lines touch teens across the globe in stories of pain, addiction and drama.( Go ahead and order their books or put them on hold with the library. )

Maybe lyrical format is not your style. Okay, let’s shake the magic eight ball for another creative idea. Here’s one: rare medical condition. Perhaps you have heard about a middle grade book called Wonder or the young adult novel, Everything, Everything. They have  three thing in common: the main character is living with a physical challenge that society considers to be abnormal, they long to be out in the world and to live like everyone else, and both books have being turned into movies.

Why write in lyrical mode or have a character that suffers from a physical challenge? Lyrical is an option if poetry is your strength or if the story demands to be told in that way. And characters with physical challenges reflex the fears we all face of being hurt or rejected by society for being less than perfect. Most of all, imperfect characters remind readers that we are all the same inside and encourage them to embrace all forms of diversity.

Up to the challenge of trying to write in the above mentioned ways? Go for it.


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