Okay~ Do It!

You are siting at home watching your favorite show when a common thought reoccurs, you can write a better episode than this one. The plot unfolding before you is obvious and has enough holes for a herd of elephants to walk through. Yes, you could definitely do better. Well, it’s time to step up to the keyboard or shut up.

Write a script for your favorite show. We are approaching television script fellowship session. Nickelodeon, and HBO are but a few options to shoot for over the next couple of months. Not interested in those options? No problem, consider television script writing as the ultimate writing exercise. Use it as a warm up  before diving into your current manuscript.

Look, it’s time to stop being a backseat writer. Stop claiming that you can do it better if you aren’t doing it at all. Step up to the keyboard and let the plot flow from your mind to the keyboard and onto your computer screen where it belongs. Do it!


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