Micro Is A Writers’ Best Friend

You want to slay the blank page. Your heart and soul longs to fill it with words. But in spite of this deep desire, the creation of lines proves to be a formidable challenge. No worries, this post will provide you with a mighty tool to win the battle!

Ready for the tool that changes the game? Here it is, brace yourself! The tool is “word count.” Pick a number that you can reach daily. Think micro for the first month. A reasonable word count ensures productivity and allows you to jot down sentences even on hectic days.  Stuck in line at the post office or grocery store? Make a dent in your word count. Waiting for a spouse or child at a doctor’s office? Write.

Two hundred words a day at the end of February  will equal 5,600 by the end of the month. That’s a sizable portion of written material for your novel.

This week, select your word count and start filling the page.


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