Walk Us Through Your Fantasy World

If you are writing a fantasy novel, your primary task is to weave a tale so rich that it feels real. You are the creator and as such you have the power to breathe life into every word tapped into the keyboard. The reader needs to experience the environment on your pages as their new normal. And when they reach the last line, the setting should beckon them to come back again, to yearn to climb back into that realm. After all, who hasn’t wanted to live in Middle-Earth after reading  J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit?

Wait, someone just slid their mouse toward the x. Don’t go! Don’t you dare be afraid of world building. You can do this. Begin by imaging as many details as possible about your alternative world. Now write these thoughts down and describe the characters who live there. The next step is to develop the rules. Yes, even fantasy worlds have rules. Think of the aforementioned as a guide to the story, a reference to assist should the plot become a tangle of twisted words.

Give world building a try. When it is done well, it is a joy for the reader. In Dorothy Must Die By Danielle Paige, Oz has changed and it engulfs us, drawing us deeper into this strange world with every page turned. As a reader and writer, I’m encouraging you to build a fantasy world. Myself and other readers are waiting.

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