Slay The Blank Page

You sit down and power up the computer or tablet.You are met by your mortal enemy, the blank page. A blinking cursor taunts, silent mockery. You freeze, overwhelmed  with frustration, trying to mentally force yourself to battle with this foe. Exhale, a strategy for standing up against the foe has arrived.

Start by leaning back and observing your environment. That’s right, ignore the manuscript and look around your creative space. Allow yourself to soak up the smell, sights and sounds. Type what your sense are experiencing. Make it a list or poem, the form of  these words is less important than getting them down. The goal is to free your creativity by putting something onto the screen.

Okay, now that you typed something, it is time to open your current project. The computer knows that you are a force to tangle with and the muse has been summoned to your side. Go forth a slay the manuscript.

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