POV of the Sidekick

Stuck on a plot point, stumped by clumpy dialog or battling writers’ block? It’s time to switch POV, to write through the lens of the sidekick. What does she/he think of the main character? What is the glue that holds their relationship together?  How far will the sidekick go to support the friend? Are they the type to nurture, give a swift kick when needed, calm down the drama with humor or a combination of those behaviors?

Focusing on the sidekick has the potential to expand the dimensions of both the plot and main character. Slightly removed from the challenge, this character can also serve as a conscious, the voice that pulls the lead back from slipping head first off the ledge.

Stop staring at the section of your work that’s driving you slightly mad and play with the sidekick. At the very least this will trick the Muse into to taking a seat.

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