Rock Option C

You are at a writers’ conference or at a party when the opportunity of a lifetime arises, a moment to pitch your manuscript face to face to an agent/editor. You have three options : A) Hyperventilate B) Runaway or C) Nail it and entice him/her to request a draft.

You may be inclined to go with A or B but giving in to this comes with a soul wrenching cost. The chance to meet someone in the industry face to face may never come again. You don’t want to blow this!

Okay, maybe you’ll grab option C. If so, I’m doing the Happy Dance for you. Let’s talk about how you will rock the meeting. Here’s the setup: You have been gifted with the invaluable opportunity to present a verbal pitch to  the right audience. Imagine you are talking about your novel to a friend who has a limited time to hear about it. Be a warm storyteller. Give  the listener a taste of the character’s personality, share what his/her challenge is and give the agent/editor just enough information to have them requesting more. A length of two to six  sentences should be sufficient.

Still not comfortable with C? Practice on  friends! These people are supposed to be supportive so feel free to lean. Listen to there feedback, refine and continue to practice. I know that you can become brilliant at giving the verbal pitch and will be ready to rock option C.

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