Middle Grade Novel-Pages of Action & Emotion

Middle grade novels offer writers a massive playground to express emotions, drama or to create a fantasy realm in. Authors are spinning tales of mystery, adventure and first love for fans ages 9- adulthood. Interested in writing a middle grade novel? Great, but first let’s go over safety standards.

Sex and violence are not welcome within this form of literature. Remember, the core of this readership are children. If the story requires a mention to a past dangerous situation, tread carefully. “Freak the Mighty” does a brilliant job of eluding to the main character’s violent father and his unforgivable crime. The actual danger that the child is exposed to is limited and the family’s tragic past is expressed as needed.

Moving along, let’s talk research. Writing a middle grade novel require research–read as many well written novels for this demographics as you can. You need to understand the layout of this road. Check out Crossover by Kwame Alexander or IF A Tree Falls At Lunch Period, The Lightening Thief, or So B. It by Sarah Weeks.

The final component needed to successfully and respectfully write for the middle grade audience is a willingness to step back in time and allow your inner 9, 10, 11 or 12 year old to help tell the story.

Ready? Go.read and write!

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