Picture Books ~ More Than Text & Images

A good picture book is more than ink on paper. It is  a portal  to a creative world  or a mirror of our relationships with family and friends. The tale invites us to take a journey.

Open a Dr. Sesus book and free fall into twisty words and tumble down rhythm road. Meet creatures only possible in the picture book zone. Read “I’ll Love You Forever” and feel five years old again. Let the words and images remind you of the love poured upon you at that age from a parent or caregiver. Remember these experiences as you select words and craft sentences. Be inspired to fully express the fantasy or emotion that your manuscript deserves. Hold nothing in reserve, pour honesty and creativity onto each page typed.

Open a picture book, see the colorful images and feel the vibrant of each written line. I dare you to revisit this amazing form of literature. It well help fill your creative well.

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