Prep For Presentations

You’ve written a brilliant book and the opportunity to showcase your work has arrived. At a conference or event , you come face to face with agents, receive an invitation to sign  copies of your books  or give a presentation on your topic of expertise. Only one obstacle stands in your way ,  Glossophobia. The dreaded fear of public speaking is as real as air. It is threatening  to destroy your special moment , but don’t let it. Now is the time to develop the ability to crush Glossophobia! Here’s how:

Check out Toastmasters. This international speaking organization specializes in helping its members become comfortable speaking  in front of groups of any size.

Volunteer to host story time for your local library. This experience will teach you to read body language , help you adjust tone and style to keep the audience engaged.

Hire a speaking coach. This person will work with you on the areas of body language , vocal variety , etc.

Glossophia is a beast that you can defeat! Take steps this summer to battle it! Be ready when you opportunity to present arises.


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