A Different Path To Publication

Your goal is to see your book in stores and on every e-reader in the world. You’ve done the writing and revised your work multiple times. Query letters fly out to agents and publishers every month. You’ve dropped five pounds pacing the floor as you wait faithfully for a response. I know you’ve become weary in your search for book publication. Finding a home for you PB/MG/YA/NA or mystery is like trying to find a job when you’re unemployed. Calm down. I’ve got a suggestion that will keep you occupied and help you build a platform.

It’s time to apply your knowledge and creativity to the realm of magazine publication.Stop wrinkling your nose at the idea. This format offers opportunities for ¬†payment and a way to see you words in print.

How do you start? Make a list of your areas of expertise/interest and experiences.If you’re a parent , animal lover , great with math, science or have hobbies,article ideas will follow from your fingertips to the keyboard and into print.

Now it’s time to research markets. Google regional periodicals , consider your favorite magazines and thumb through Writers Market.

Write new query letters. Make these short, clear and interesting. Remember , these articles lead to clips which become part of your platform.


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