Writing In The Dark

What doesn’t kill you is meant to be written about. Emotional scars are tattoos on the soul. Use the permanent marks to express beauty and give the pain a purpose. Edgar Allan Poe turned agony into poetry. Frank McCourt transformed years of hunger and his parents dysfunctional marriage into a complex memoir. Sylvia Plath used her poetry to express a life filled with frustrations and of the pain of a marriage gone toxic.

Pain can birth the deepest truth . Let your characters pour out anger in the heat of an argument. Fill a young adult manuscript with anxiety that you feel. Dive into the well of life experiences to enrich your writing. Characters tightly bound in emotional restraints are flat. Words without feelings are worse than blank pages.

Write a paragraph of darkness. Let readers share the frightened feelings that swept over you during a traumatic event. Stop shaking your head and comeback to the keyboard. You can handle this. Your readers deserve your best and that includes emotional experiences. Writing in the dark may shed the most brilliant light on your characters.


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