Let Your Inner Child Write

You were once a wellspring of hope, honesty and emotion.  The words you spoke and

wrote were raw. Each emotion you expressed was without filter. It is time to release your

inner child. Allow him/her to write lines that touch the heart, words that pierce with the

clarity of their pain.That’s right, I’m challenging you to be honest and to let your

characters be vulnerable on the page. No more censoring the lines typed into the

keyboard. Let us feel the emotions from the description of body language through their

inner and spoken dialog.

Be bold!  Start with one scene. How does it read when the characters feelings are clearly

displayed? Notice the intensity and try it in an additional scene. You are an artist charged

with expressing concepts, creating worlds and pouring out  a piece of yourself across the

page. Remember the inner child who said what he/she felt. Let that part of yourself

share in the expression process….



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