Breathing Life Into The Past

The ability to bring history to life is sheer talent. Historian, Howard Zinn left behind a legacy of nonfiction books that invite the reader to walk in the shadows of their ancestors, peak over their shoulders and peer into their journals. Paranormal young adult novelist, Libba Bray creates a surreal  experience for her fans through word images of 1920 New York. The descriptions of flappers, vibrant night life and  elegant buildings surround the reader on every page.

If you are considering writing historical fiction or nonfiction, you need a map. Even Indiana  Jones had clues as a guide for his journey. Grab your hat, water bottle, strap on your bag of questions and let’s begin.

  • Start with a timeframe and location that fascinates you.
  • Create a list of why you want to focus on that location and  period of history.
  • Research! Research your tush off! Make friends with librarians and ask for their assistance. The wealth of information at their fingertips is staggering.
  • Check out the landscape if possible. Visit the historic buildings in the area if time and money allow.
  • Historical Fiction ~ Start with one character~ What would he/she have worn? What did they do for employment?  What was the political landscape like? Did it match his/her beliefs?

Want more guidance? Check out the following book:

  • Writing Historical  Fiction: Viewing The Past Through The Lens of The Present by Angela Hunt
  • How To Write History That People Want To Read by A. Curthoys & A. McGrath

Enjoy the process  and let your words shine a  brilliant light on the past.


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