Organize The Scraps

Admit it! You have scribbled dialog and plot twist on scrapes of paper. Notes on how to revise clunky chapters can be found on napkins, receipts and on random pieces of paper. Don’t be ashamed~ it happens. There is a reason you jotted down those notes and saved them.   Now is the time to pull them out and put them to use.

Create a file on your computer. Gather your scraps and type them  up. No adding thoughts or tweaking them. The goal is to put them all together in a form that is hard to lose. Once that task is complete, shred the scraps. That’s right, it’s time to let go of your “precious.” Well, at least in the paper format.

Create a new system, develop the habit of placing scraps in one location (i.e. a drawer or on your desk). Once a week, take the time to type them into the file. Over the course of a month take an additional step. Look at the file. Read every line and partial idea and decide what to do with it. If you love them or can find a way to weave them into current writing projects, keep them. If however, there are lines that make little sense and serve even less purpose,  let them go, hit the delete button.

Look, I understand that ideas will often jump from the bushes and demand that you jot them down on anything you can find. I also suffer from this issue, but it’s a new year and I urge you to be an organized writer. Let’s start with a pledge:

I promise to try to organize my scrapes and to let them go once they are entered into the computer.

Okay, we can do this! Now,  pardon me. I have scrapes to type.

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