Start With Why

Some people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions. The primary reason for giving up so early is the failure to consider why.  The three letter word is the most important aspect of the goal process.  Knights never began a quest without understanding the cause. Cooks don’t turn on the oven without having first decided to bake. How can any goal be reached without understanding of the purpose?

Writers are curious creatures.  We are capable of great focus and yet at times we allow ourselves to fall in love with new plots. We float on infatuation forgetting our commit to existing projects. Deadlines are missed, contests tossed aside. Notebooks and files remain closed. We ignore our goals, fail to complete the novel ,short story collection or poetry that was nearly finished.

If you feel the cold fingers of accusation creeping along your spine and want to click away from this blog post wait. It’s  time to get your New Year’s Resolution groove back. Start with why. There are reasons you began to create a world from words, experiences that need to be shared. There is also the promise you made to yourself. You recall the moment the seed of commitment began to bloom, the moment it grew roots of determination.

Sit your butt in the chair and start with why. Why did this story, cast of characters, setting and creative use of language come to you? There are billions of people on planet earth yet you are the one given this batch of creativity.

Nurture your commitment seed. Spend time discovering why you will complete your writing projects, schedule segments of time (large or small) to work on these projects. Use the answers to the questions of why to win the Resolution battle.




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