Writing Exercise~Write It Out

A rough day can beat the crap out of the creative muse. After work, errands, laundry and time spent answering a mountain of email, it can be difficult to find energy to be give birth to the written word. Feeling  devoid of creative juice, there is only one thing you can do,Write It Out!

If you’ve ever seen a couple episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, you are familiar with the words Dance It Out! It is what two or more characters due when at wits end. The goal is to shake your body to the music and to think of nothing but the sensation of rhythm.

Writers, it’s time to Write It Out! Before you open the file of your latest project, it’s time to blow off steam. Write anything: a grocery list, a bad poem, an angry letter to your boss ( that you will immediately shred or delete!!!), an essay about a tweet you read this morning and yet it’s stull under skin, a whine in writing about the endless and funky commute.

Now that you’ve expelled all of the toxics, take a deep breath and open your file. The muse will ease out of her hiding place and slink to your chair. She’s no longer frightened. You’ve written off the angry, cranky, worn down cloak that engulfed you when you first sat down. Now is the time to create.


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