Let’s Do This!!!!

This year you will tell your story, express your truth and spin yarn out of words.

You were born to create. There are characters, worlds and dialog banging on your soul to be let out.

This year your story, essay, novel or screenplays will come to life because:

  1. No one can tell the story that is in your head except you.
  2. Creative constipation makes for moody, cranky people.
  3. Part of your life’s purpose is too create.
  4. It’s time to sit down at the computer and pump out words.
  5. Your life is meant to be lived without excuses.

So, my brilliant fellow writers, let’s do this! Now! Let this be the year of ultimate self-respect, the process begins by allowing your inner artist to create. Write! Write drafts so horrible they would scare even the bravest of English teachers. Write words so amazing that you impress yourself. Write because out of all of this will come brilliance and peace from expression.

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