Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

Once upon a time there was an evil teenager.  She spent her days devising and carrying out wicked plans against her kind, gentle stepmother. What do you mean that’s not the way Snow White goes? Well, what if it did?

Turning plots and characters upside down is fun. Ever heard of The True Story of The Three Little Pigs?  The picture book flips the typical scenario and makes the wolf a victim. It also turns the huffing and puffing into a by product of a cold. The tactic of flipping character roles is also used on ABC’s Once  Upon A Time.

The next time you’re looking for a writing exercise or stuck on the creation of character bio, change the lens. Bring out the dark side of your hero or light in your villain.  Revealing a different perspective will either change the direction of the story or add a richness to the character. So, go ahead a flip your pig or wolf’s personality.

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