The Alphabets of Children Books

Children’s books in general fall into the catorgies of BB,PB,MG,YA or NA. Okay, let’s break down the meaning and perimeters of each one. BB stands for Board Book. These are made of thick card board,  filled with bright colors or beautiful illustrations. The format is designed to accommodate the needs of babies and toddlers. Almost indestructible, with few words and glossy images, these books are a great way to introduce them to literature.

For the preschool sect, there are PB AKA Picture Books.  They typically range from 24 to 32 pages, are well illustrated, have a plot and sometimes contain a moral (the importance of following directions, friendship or facing fears).

MG means middle grade novels. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 dive into these books. Topics range from fantasy/mystery to challenging life issues (puberty, parent divorce,illness or death of a love one). Outstanding examples of genre: Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume, and So B It by Sarah Weeks.

YA are young adult novels. This is also one of the fastest growing markets in publishing. It is read by people ages 11- 99.The topics within this genre are wide: fantasy to realistic fiction. As an avid reader (especially of PB, MG, YA and NA), I asset to it falling two categories, it is either brilliant or awful.

Finally, let’s scope out the new kid on the block, NA AKA New Adult. It dives into the murky world of ages 17-25. Characters within these novels are hopeful, and emotionally jumbled. The combination of fading innocence and lingering optimism take the reader on a journey. Throughout the pages, the main characters succeed and stumble. The readership for this market are ages 16-99.

Now that the acronyms have been decode, it’s time to write your own BB, PB, MG, YA or NA. Readers are waiting.

One thought on “The Alphabets of Children Books

  1. I love that you broke down all the different types of children’s books and their special codes and names. I always used to think of MG as YA and I didn’t even really think about the difference between preschool picture books and board books. Great post.


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