Webs~ They Are Not Just For Spiders Named Charolette

A word, sentence, character or plot forms in your mind.  Grabbing keyboard or pencil, you begin to create a story.  Life picks this moment to interrupt. Children must be feed (the pesky little creatures want to eat daily), laundry must be done and calls must be returned (least your mother or best friend fear that you’ve vanished).

Later, you return to the page but the momentum is gone.  Inspiration packed up and may not come back.  The plot and characters seem flat. It’s time to hit save and close the file. Wait. There is a way to dive back into the creative flow. Time to create and harness the power of the web.

No, you will not need to done a red Marvel superhero costume or somehow transform into a spider. The web you will utilize is designed to organize thoughts. Grab a piece of paper or your tablet if it allows drawing. In the center of the page, create a medium bubble. Inside the circular space, write your main character’s name or central plot point. Next, draw lines that touch the outside of the bubble and at the end of each draw a smaller bubbles. The smaller bubbles represent other characters or plot points. The lines and bubbles can continue (i.e. main character has a sister. Sister is resentful and plans to destroy sibling’s happy life).

Okay, I sense you’ve got the idea. Draw the web or  look up organizational webs online. Next time you’re stuck, tap into this resource. Harness the web and capture important parts of your story.

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