NA NO WRIMO~OR How To Climb The Writers’ Verison Of Mt. Everest

NA NO WRIMO is quickly approaching. Is this writing odyssey a trick or treat?The thirty day challenge is whatever you want it to be. For me it will be the ultimate writing tool. Do I seem cocky? I’m not. Like many writers across the country, upon realizing that it would soon be NA NO WRIMO, I experienced a tidal wave of emotions: excitement, terror and resolution. On the surface, NA NO WRIMO seemed like a brilliant idea. Utilize the month of November to wipe out a novel. Of course at some point you realize that means the creation of 50,000 words. Scary. Well it can be, below  are two options to help conquer the writers’ version of Mount Everest:

**NA No WRIMO is designed to create a draft, not a polished novel. I repeat, a draft.**************

Option 1~~Join a support group and use all resources at your disposal. NANOWRIMO.ORG and the NANOWRIMO Facebook are filled with tips and offer support in the form of fellow authors traveling the same road.

Option 2~ Cheat! This means break the NA NO WRIMO mold. Grab two or three nearly complete manuscripts and make them your November projects. These poor things have been lingering in a file or drawer for ages, waiting for your attention. Give each project ten to fifteen days of your time and finish them.

I’m opting for the second plan. There’s a picture book and middle grade manuscript that have been whispering a chant in my ear. They say, finish me, finish me, finish me!  The sound is incredibly annoying, so I must address the issue.

NA NO WRIMO will be here soon. Do you hear the sound of fingers tapping words on the keyboard? You can sit out the process and silently resent those who participant. Or you can be brave and join us. The goal is to up your daily word count to 5 pages per day over a limited period of time. The end game is to come through this process drenched in sweat, fingers bruised, creativity smeared across laptop screen, with a completed draft or project to show for it. I’m standing at base camp, looking up at NA NO WRIMO~ writer’s Mt. Everest. Bring it on!

One thought on “NA NO WRIMO~OR How To Climb The Writers’ Verison Of Mt. Everest

  1. One day, I will complete a Nanowrimo. Every year, I get myself all puffed up and assured that this year will be my year to complete it, but something all manages to “come” up. This year was no exception. I think Nanowrimo is a great way to get yourself into the habit of writing every day consistently, which is an attribute that will make your writing better because it’s a muscle after all. Next year, Nanowrimo. Next year, I am coming for you in a big way.


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