Feeding The Beast AkA The Muse

On a typical day, I lure the Muse to the keyboard with a cup of coffee. But there are times that it refuses to give in to this bribery and hides. Or worse yet, it stands in the corner and ignores my pleas. Sitting at the computer, just leads to sweaty fingers. Using pen and paper may yield a few decent paragraphs but if a true measure of creative output is desired, I must feed the beast.

The Muse requires minimum maintenance. This creative spirit gives us words that birth poetry, plays, essays and novels. It stands strong under the weight of deadline, stays late at night and shores us up during revisions. In return it asks for a bit of care, a dash of romance, an emotion massage. Or as Julia Cameron calls it, “an artist date.”

A walk in a scenic area, trip to the museum, a favorite treat, tv series binge   or diving into a coloring book revises the weary Muse. Napping on a weekend afternoon, laughing for hours with friends heals the wound spirit. Surely, these often neglected actives must be indulged in. Consider it the cost of the Muse’s company, the necessary feeding of the beast.

Of course you can ignore the aforementioned. Use and mistreat the Muse until the creative thing swivels into a wisp of vapor. As it fades, what will you call upon to revise lack luster sentences, weave fantastic tales out of words? How dull will the pieces be that you turn in to your writers’ group, publisher, agent or editor?

The choice is your. Value and nature the Muse or deal with the boring consequence. I’ve got to run. There’s a certain creative spirit waiting for our “artist date.”

One thought on “Feeding The Beast AkA The Muse

  1. Well done piece. Nothing good can come from theist missing a meal. And there is nothing quite like the Muse giving birth to a new idea, whether it be in the middle of a night or 2 minutes into a morning shower. You never know when she strikes but you have to be prepared to listen and take notes because she comes and goes on her own schedule.


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