Brush Off Your Cast Offs


We all have plots and characters that we have disregarded. Time to pull them out of the shadows. Have you created a villain that haunts your dreams,  a heroine that saves a paranormal universe,  or a plot that twists “the normal” inside out? It’s time to dust off these treasures.  Although they failed to fit into the pieces you conceptualized, they shouldn’t be tossed.

It’s possible the aforementioned needed their own space. Pull out the discarded characters, take another look at them .  At the very least they’re great for writing exercises.

One thought on “Brush Off Your Cast Offs

  1. Great advice. There are definitely characters that have plagued me but then there are those who I’ve left behind, those who deserve another look. No character left behind is quite the concept to think about. Maybe one of those dusty characters could turn out to be the protagonist or antagonist of your next story!


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