Back To School & Back To The Keyboard

All over the country children shutter at the sounded of the dreaded school bell and writers try to drown out the cry of their keyboards. There is no escape. Although  a truancy officer will not knock on your door, something worse will happen. Characters ignored will whisper dialog in yours ears, plot points interrupt dreams and sour mood seeps into the soul.

Creativity is joy, talent, pain and muscle. Vacation time is over and like children, we must return to our assigned tasks. We are called to spin words into form, breath life onto the page and have an obligation to do so.

Put down the bag of excuses and shift gears. It’s time to write again. I know for many of us, this time of year is kicking into overdrive with obligations. But when is our schedule ever going to be completely free and clear? Sit down at the keyboard anyway. Write! Good, bad or absolute horrible, create!

Remember, you can adjust and return to the creative routine. Children discover within a few weeks that they can handle the school routine, make friends and learn that all their teachers are not monsters. Writers, trust me! The muse will return. Clunky sentences can be smoothed and hopeless plots can be twisted into brilliant form.

Sit down and write. Don’t lock up what was meant to be shared. Besides, creative people who lay aside their gifts are more often than not miserable.

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