Every Writer Needs A Group Of Peeps

Every writer needs a community. Although the transformation of words into literary form is initially done alone, ultimately the road to publication & readership is best accomplished with support.

As children, parents and teachers are our early readers. The first cheers every words scribbled, the latter offers critique. Throughout  childhood, skills are sharpened. In journals and notebook margins, youth spill thoughts and emotions.

Somewhere along the line, we shut out the reader. Words are confined to the computer, burned on a flash drive and seldom shared prior to being sent out for possible publication, if it ever does.

Bring in the writers’ groups and amazing organizations like SCBWI (Society of Children Book Writers & Illustrators). These support systems are fuel for the writer. A group of creative peers giving feedback and holding the budding author accountable is invaluable. As for SCBWI, consider the following: Judy Blume  is actively involved in this global organization, they present two yearly conferences, members receive a magazine with great articles on the children’s publishing industry and the organization offers monthly Schmoozes open to the public.

No one can pull the words from your brain and spin them into literary gems. However, support can make the process towards successful publication smoother. Listen, even Stephen King has his wife review pages before they reach the editor. As a wordsmith, having a support system is second only to output onto page.

Check out a local writers group. See if these are your peeps, ready to share the process, hold you accountable with word count, give helpful feedback and cheer on the publication process.

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