The Three Ps Of Successful Children’s Books Marketing

To Successfully Get Your Books Into The Hands Of Children,

You Need To Utilize The Three Ps Of Children’s Book Marketing:

1) Product~ There’s a story in your head that needs to be told. Pull up to the keyboard and let the words flow. Make sure the concept is clear, the character are engaging, your plot strong and have the manuscript edited. Write a strong query, work with an agent, shop the manuscript around yourself or

2) Platform: Once the manuscript is accepted for publication and you draw close to the release date, you’re ready to work on your platform. Platform = Marketing Plan. Prepare to use social media (blog, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), create a webpage, order bookmarks (with the book cover, information on where to purchase & a line from the book), design a one sheet,  look up cross promotion opportunities. If you book is set in a certain city or neighborhood, reach out to local gift shops or stores. They may be willing to carry copies. Are you great with groups ? If so, reach out to bookstores and schedule signings. If you’re wonderful with kids and can design supplemental material, setup class/school events. School visits are great ways to reach your target audience as well as a way to get paid for your time.

***If creating a platform feels uncomfortable, hire someone to handle it for you.***

3) Proceed: Take all of the aforementioned and run with it. Be bold! Children are waiting for your whimsical tale. There’s a teen waiting to read your young adult novel that addresses a challenge they’re currently experiencing. Take the first step immediately. Procrastination is the successful author’s enemy.





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