Reading, Writing & Marketing

You’ve either written something or you’re in the process of doing so. Thoughts of publication and knocking your audience on their a#$ swim through your head. I see them splashing around. Great, but slow down. You need a vehicle to reach the audience and a plan to hold their attention.

What’s your Platform? I know you’ve heard the word. It can seem strange and scary, but it’s just a fancy word for marketing. Your potential readers need to know that you have laid down some powerful words, breathed life into the blank screen to create strong proses or bleed into creation the greatest screenplay about to blow up on a cable network.

This blog will give you bread crumbs to help you make your way along the Platform road. Twice a month, I will blog tidbits on writing: crushing writers block, marketing, finding an agent, self-publishing, etc. There will also be brilliant guest bloggers (the first one is a filmmaker & contributor to and  the second one is a published author of a dozen books).

Stay tuned….

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